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Steve Fontaine, Drama Desk Award Nominee.
Nominated - Outstanding Sound Design in a Play.
- LAST MAN CLUB 2013, Axis Theatre Company, NYC -

"Some of the most stunning design I have seen in quite a while - The cherry on top of this design sundae is Steve Fontaine's sound design,
which managed to provide me with my favorite moment in the entire play - a sound cue that took place in total darkness.
It gave me chills, and the sound landscape of this production was what had the most emotional impact for me."

Steve has recorded and produced many artists and has worked with many critically acclaimed artists.
Personal assistant for Stuart Matthewman of SADE for many years.

Steve released his own album of his original work,
"Sundry Youthful Angst and Longings" in 2015. Available on all streaming platforms.

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