Tower Green

Anne Boleyn (born 1500- executed May 19,1536) The second wife of Henry VIII.
Tower Green was inspired by Anne Boleyn's courage as she walked
across the field of the Tower Green to her death.
Tower Green by Wilson Fontaine is available on bluecowboys - day into night album

What is the Drug by Randal Sharp of Axis Theatre

Film and Video Art by Wilson Fontaine, Sound Design by Steve Fontaine

The Shard of The Day

Featuring Edgar Oliver reading his poem,The Shard of the Day
Featured fashion designer, Gary Graham
Video Art & Original Instrumental Music composed by Wilson Fontaine
Wilson Fontaine Album Eliptic Curve, Modular Forms © Wilson Fontaine 2000. All rights reserved.

Mary Fahl & Rich Lutz

Super8 wedding film by Wilson Fontaine

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